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Getting hired in the U.S. is easier for most than it was just eight years ago, but there are certain cities where job-seekers

really seem to have it made.

And Denver is one of them. 

The Mile High City ranked second in the country for job hunters, according to a new NerdWallet report that analyzed employment trends in the nation’s 100 largest cities. However, according to the latest research, Colorado lost 5,600 online job ads – a decline that comes on the heels of the 2,600 it lost last month and which also comes as the state’s unemployment rate is at a near-record low of 2.4-percent, a slight uptick from an unemployment rate of 2.3-percent in August.

Into this mix of statistics comes the “supply-demand ratio” as formulated by The Conference Board, Inc., a global independent business membership and research association working in the public interest, which is based on the number of unemployed people for every job advertised online; a lower value in this ratio equates to better job availability. As of June – the most recent month available for the research – Colorado’s supply-demand ratio was 0.61, indicating there are more jobs available than unemployed workers to fill them; the national ratio was 1.52.

In Denver in particular, for every job opening there are .53 people to fill the position, keeping the same national average of 1.52 people in mind. 

What does this mean for job-seekers in Colorado's capital city? There are more available jobs here than there are people to fill them, as well – by almost half. And though job growth has slowed down in recent months, the culturally-rich metropolis continues to rank in the top 10 among U.S. cities for job opportunities.

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